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18 - Apr - 2019

Emozioni in Umbria, green heart of Italy

What to do in Umbria during your stay? Hotel Giò & Jazz Area offers the opportunity to live an experiential vacation to discover craft, food and wine and cultural activities – exclusively selected for you – on favourable terms.

Choose what to do in Umbria and make unique your vacation! If you prefer, you can download the pdf, by clicking here. The proposals were developed by companies participating in the “Tourism and Culture 2018” project Perugia’s Chamber of Commerce.

Giuditta Brozzetti’s Workshop

The weaving of Perugia’s typical tablecloths on frames of the ‘700 in a church of the ‘200, 45 minutes of emotion
10,00 euros per couple rather than 15,00 euros
min. 2 persons
Every morning from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Saturday and Sunday by reservation, closed 25 December and 1 January) By reservation 075 40 236

Stella Ristorante Vineria e Locanda

Slow Food Osteria, wine list with over 400 labels and Umbrian oil selections.
Dinner/Lunch tasting based on local products from small Umbrian companies.
40,00 euros per person, rather than 45,00 euros (antipasto, first course, main course and dessert with 4 wine’s glasses in combination) – by reservation 075 6920002

Etruscan Chocohotel

A brief history about chocolate, from tempering to the tasting of the chocolates made in front of you.
10,00 euros per person – min. 20 persons – By reservation 075 5837314

Etruscan Gold

Goldsmith workshop in Torgiano. Historical and technological path about the metallurgy and Etruscan goldsmithery.
100,00 euros up to 5 persons
Over 5 persons: 15,00 euros per person. By reservation 075 985466

AGTU – Umbria’s Touristic Guides Association


• Perugia ad Hoc
• Upside Down Safari
• Urban Trekking
• Assisi, Christmas and Nativity in Giotto’s paintings
• Assisi, Basilica and the Porziuncola’s Museum
• Assisi, the seraphic city
• Foligno and its orators
• Spoleto and its many faces

Price from 5,00 euros to 20,00 euros

Prezzo da 5,00 euro a 20,00 euro
For info and reservations 075 815228 – 3319219634

Majolica “La Gioconda”

Paint your object with the assistance of an experienced decorator and bring your work home. Course of 4 hours, including snack with typical products, from 65,00 euros per person (for 8 persons) up to a maximum of 100,00 euros per 1 person. Upon reservation 075 9710080

Monte Vibiano Vecchio Cellar

Excursion in the Vineyard with Electric Jeeps, Winery’s visit, wine and oil testing, cutting board of typical local products. Every day from 11 a.m to 3.30 p.m., 15,00 euros per person rather than 25,00 euros- Upon reservation 075 8783386

Torgiano’ s Wine and Oil Museum

Visit to the Museum with toast, 5,00 euros per person rather than 7,00 euros- 075 9880200

Museum Osteria 

2 Lungarotti wines tasting, 8.00 euros per person
2 wines Tasting + cold cuts’ selection, 15.00 euros
075 9880510

Lungarotti Wineries

Tour + 3 wines tasting – 12.00 euros per person
075 9886649

Birrificio dei Perugini

4 craft beers Tasting + free visit of the brewery: 6,00 euros per person
From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. – by reservation 328 6019522

Terre Umbre

Ticket Taste to taste some Umbrian specialties free of charge, such as chocolate, truffle sauces and fruit honey, at the Emporio in the Perugia’s historic city – by reservation 075 605171

Roccafiore Cellar

Guided tour of the winery + lunch with fixed tasting menu with 3 wine’s glasses – 40.00 euros per person
Guided tour of the winery with wine tasting and pairing of 0 km products from the farm – 19,00 euros per person
Upon reservation 075 8942416

URITAXI Umbrian Federation

It provides transport service from the Hotel to the affiliated structures, at discounted prices for you.

07 - Jun - 2018

Umbria Jazz in Perugia

Umbria Jazz in Perugia

What is Umbria Jazz?

Umbria Jazz is the most awaited event for all Perugians and Jazz lovers: in July the historic center of Perugia every year, for over forty years, is literally overwhelmed by one of the most important jazz festivals in Italy and in the world, Umbria Jazz, to the point where it is said that our city is transformed into a small New Orleans.

The dates of Umbria Jazz 2018

For the 45th edition of Umbria Jazz Perugia opens its doors to music from 13 to 22 July 2018.

The history of Umbria Jazz

Umbria Jazz is a music festival known all over the world that for years has made the city of Perugia famous, but it is perhaps less known that the first edition of Umbria Jazz was born near Terni, at the natural theater of the village of Piediluco, on August 23 in 1973, when the Aktuala group and the mainstream orchestra of Thad Jones and Mel Lewis played. Three evenings were planned, including two in Perugia and one in Gubbio, when the Weather Report and Sun Ra’s Solar Arkestra performed in Piazza 4 November, with alternative performances that made a lot of discussion, but welcomed an incredible success with the public. The birth of Umbria Jazz was possible thanks to the will of a Perugian, Carlo Pagnotta, current artistic director of the festival, passionate about this kind of music, to create in their city a festival dedicated to Jazz. Perhaps few know that the idea was born in a café in the historic center of the city and that took shape from the collaboration with some members of the Umbria Region, recently established. This fortuitous series of events meant that the proposal to create this festival, with the collaboration of Alberto Alberti, The greatest manager of jazz artists of the time, to draft the artistic program, landed in the region and was approved. Umbria Jazz was born.

Umbria Jazz of the 70s

To understand what was Umbria Jazz in the early years of the event we must remember the spirit of protest and general disorder that characterized Italy in those years, when attending a concert was often an opportunity for political protest and expression of social discomfort of an entire generation .


On the stages of Umbria Jazz passed the likes of Count Basie, George Coleman, Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Stan Getz.

Those who have lived those first editions in fact remember very well the climate of disorder and turmoil, but also of exceptional vitality in which the small and quiet city of Perugia was found for a few days a year: famous are the photographs in which stretches of young assailed literally the city to listen to concerts, sleeping on the street, breaking the routine of a population not accustomed to a similar climate of internationality. There was no lack of “political” protests and whistles, disturbances and discomforts, to the point where the 1978 edition closed this first period because it needed a pause for reflection, to better understand how to manage what had now become an event that, although with his contrasts, he liked, attracted many people and had become a point of reference for international jazz music.

Umbria Jazz from the 80s to today.

In 1982 they resumed the concerts of Umbria Jazz, but the festival was no longer a set of free concerts without rules, had changed skin, although not the substance. Now we paid a ticket for the most important shows and in 1985 the Umbria Jazz Association was founded, with the task of managing the homonymous brand, owned by the Umbria Region, which still today deals with every aspect of the organization festivals, from artistic choices to logistics, from sponsors to the whole organization.

Shortly after the Umbria Jazz Foundation was born, with the task of managing the economic resources: do you know that the current president is the great Renzo Arbore?

Umbria Jazz had become in fact a permanent festival, that is, its concerts were mainly in Perugia, far from the center, in the stadium area, under a circus tent! The memory of the disturbances of the previous years was still too much alive and therefore in the center, in the wonderful setting of the Frontone Gardens, only the evening concerts were held, which saw the presence of artists such as Sonny Rollins, Randy Crawford, Michel Petrucciani, Phil Collins, Al Jarreau and Keith Jarrett.

Since 2003 the biggest and most important concerts are hosted in the Santa Giuliana Arena, the historic sports field close to the city center, while it is possible to listen to the most intimate concerts closely related to pure jazz in the eighteenth-century Teatro del Pavone, in the nineteenth century Morlacchi, in the thirteenth-century church of San Francesco al Prato, in the church of San Pietro and in other small and precious locations in the city center, such as the Oratory of Santa Cecilia or even the unconventional one of the Podiani Hall in the National Gallery.

Who does not remember the 1987 concert at the Curi Stadium in Sting and the Evans?

The music of Umbria Jazz

The music and style of Umbria Jazz over the years has changed: not only pure and orthodox jazz, but also rock, blues and more attention to Italian jazz musicians.

And ‘the presence of so-called black music, with its repertoire of blues, gospel, soul, zydeco, marching band and rhythm’ n ‘blues to connote today the most noisy and engaging Umbria Jazz, that of free concerts in the streets and the squares, the one that keeps Perugia awake and all its public until late at night! And Umbria Jazz has also opened up to the world of pop-rock, bringing on its stage musicians such as Elton John, Carlos Santana, James Brown, Donna Summer, Eric Clapton, Earth, Wind & Fire, Simply Red, Prince, B.B. King and not only!
Do you want to find out all the names of the artists who sang and played at Umbria Jazz? Visit the official website of the event!

The Umbria Jazz program 2018

The calendar of Umbria Jazz for summer 2018 is full of interesting names and international appeal: Massive Attack and The Chainsmocker will fill the Santa Giuliana Arena on July 16th and 17th respectively, and again David Byrne on July 20th, Quincy Jones he will celebrate his 85th birthday with a concert on July 13th, the opening day of the festival, and again Pat Metheny, Melody Gardot, Os Mutantes, Gregory Porter, Margaret Menezes, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Stefano Bollani, Young Fathers and Kyle Eastwood.

To consult the complete program with artists and schedules visit the official website of the event
Where does Umbria Jazz take place?

Umbria Jazz animates the historic center of Perugia that for 10 days a year transforms from a quiet university town to the capital of Jazz music and more!

The evening concerts take place outdoors on the terraces of the Santa Giuliana Arena, the old stadium of Perugia, close to the beautiful Santa Giuliana Abbey: here are the biggest and most crowded and spectacular concerts; more intimate events linked to pure jazz take place in the historic theaters of the Pavone and Morlacchi, while the free concerts are hosted in Piazza IV Novembre, the main square of Perugia, or are itinerant for Corso Vannucci and the Carducci Gardens, where a point refreshment allows you to refresh yourself by continuing to listen to music outdoors.

To find out where the concerts will take place and how to get to the city, visit the official website
Where and how to buy tickets for the Umbria Jazz concerts?

The purchase of Umbria Jazz tickets is possible directly from the official website of the event to the Umbria Jazz tickets section: here you can choose the desired concert and the seats, and then proceed to purchase the e-ticket.

Umbria Jazz Winter and Umbria Jazz Spring

The fans of Umbria Jazz also know very well Umbria Jazz Winter that has been held for 25 years in the Umbrian town of Orvieto at the end of December: the edition just passed has turned its gaze to the American Jazz without forgetting the Italian, giving moments of great music .

The classic indoor concerts were accompanied by itinerant concerts in the streets of the historic center with marching bands, jazz dinners, nightly jam sessions and non-stop music at Palazzo dei Sette, where you can also listen to more “popular” genres.

The New Year’s Mass in the Cathedral with gospel choirs and African-American religious songs and concerts of the Veglione is a fixed occasion, an excellent occasion to welcome the arrival of the new year in an original way and in the name of good music.

With Umbria Jazz Spring instead, the festival returns to its origins: from April 30th to May 1st the spring festival will be in Terni, where it all began back in 1973: you know that this year Umbria Jazz Spring will celebrate the International Jazz Day, the IJD 2018, in the marvelous location of the Marmore Falls? An emotional show not to be missed!

A rich program with music at any time of the day, for anyone who loves music regardless of the genre of reference, to unite under the common sign of the passion for jazz music all over Umbria!

For all information and the calendar of events visit
Umbria Jazz more and more social

If social media, like jazz, are your passions, share your comments, photos and thoughts on the Twitter and Facebook channel using the hashtags # UJ, # UJW25 and # UJ18 and follow the updates on the Social Wall on the official website of event.

Umbria Jazz for young people

Umbria Jazz also offers the opportunity for young people to attend special lessons through the Umbria Jazz Clinics auditions: the twinning with Berklee College, now in its 33rd edition, allows participation in the selections to be admitted to special courses from 10th to 22nd July 2018.

Students who pass the auditions can take lessons, master classes and jam sessions to improve their technique and grow in their musical career. The novelty this year is the chance to win scholarships at Berklee College in Boston.

Are you interested in participating and testing yourself at Umbria Jazz Clinics? For all information and methods of access visit at the Umbria Jazz Clinics section or directly at

If you want to be overwhelmed by the rhythm of jazz, come to Perugia to Umbria Jazz 2018 from 13 to 22 July to live ten days full of quality music.

The city of Jazz awaits you!

11 - Apr - 2017

Guided tours with transport in Umbria


We are at your disposal to help you organize it, suggesting some activities and experiences to live in our beautiful region!
Contact us and request your free preeemption!! | T 075 5731100


(With hotel transpor)

A famous family in Deruta opens its laboratories to spread the culture of ceramics. A real discovery of the homemade production cycle in accordance with the old traditions:
guests can “get their hands dirty” and create their work of art under the guidance of experienced ceramists of Deruta.
The tour includes a visit to a local Wine Cellar near Perugia with tasting of local high quality wines and refreshments based on local specialties prepared by the Family Chef .
After tasting, possibility of a guided tour of the historic center of Perugia.
Return to the hotel around 7 pm

UMBRIA TOURS  – Truffle hunting and guided tour of Gubbio

A day in the heart of the Regional Park of Monte Cucco, in contact with nature, following a quarryman expert and his dog to discover the art of truffle hunting and traditions associated with it.
9:00 to 9:30 – Breakfast
9:30 to 12:00 – Truffle search
12:30 to 13:30 – Lunch with typical products and fresh Truffle
13.30- 15.30 – Guided tour of Gubbio
Minimum 2 persons


Transport Available

Grechetto DOC Colli Perugini combined with bruschetta made with Umbrian homemade bread and extra virgin DOP olive oil, produced by Cantina Goretti.
100% grechetto vinified in barrels with a selection of mature cheeses with wildflower honey that we produce.
Red Wine DOC Perugia’s hills, combined with homemade “torta al testo”stuffed with salami.
Sweet dessert wine with Umbrian tozzetti almond made by Nonna .
Sagrantino di Montefalco With our cold cuts and cheese pie.
Selection of Grappa and Brandy aged 20 years with local chocolate sweetness.

05 - Jan - 2017

Perugina: Chocolate’s School and Museum

Chocolate’s  Factory Perugina:  Museum and School to learn the art of chocolate.

Chocolate lessons inside the school of Chocolate! The most enthusiasts and gourmets can try the unique experience of learning the art of master chocolatiers. The School of Chocolate and the Perugina’s Museum combine together  to mix excellent ingredients: art, culture, health and taste.

For more information:


05 - Jan - 2017

February – NeroNorcia, Truffle exhibition market

NeroNorcia, Truffle exhibition market

A tasty journey into the world of fineNorcia’s black truffle and all local products in the enchanting  and historic village. Meetings, tastings, gastronomic stands, thematic exhibitions and conferences,  where will be the debate on the truffle’s economy, the legislative protection, the application of the  disciplinary quality, and the local tourism.

05 - Jan - 2017

April – Journalism Festival

International Journalism Festival


From 5th to 9th April 2017

The International Journalism Festival was founded in 2006 by Arianna Ciccone and Christopher Potter. Discussion meetings, round table discussions, book presentations, projections, documentaries, exhibitions, interviews and workshops to talk about journalism, information, press freedom and democracy in the era of social media.

For more information:

04 - Jan - 2017

May – Perugina’s Cup

May – Perugina’s Cup

Perugina’s Cup awaits you in the green heart of Italy, a race car born in 1924 until 1927 by Giovanni Buitoni, owner in that period of the company “Perugina” here’s why the show is a combination of car and chocolate.



04 - Jan - 2017

May – Perugia Love Film Festival

May – Perugia Love Film Festival


The event focused on the combination of the film and feeling  that love is perceived as a broader concept.

Perugia is preparing for the party in the five involved districts: Porta San Pietro, Porta Eburnea, Porta Sole, Porta Sant’Angelo, Porta Santa Susanna where the symbols placed will host conferences and projections, such as Perugia University, Sala dei Notari, Penna Palace, La Rosetta Hotel, Sant’Anna room.

Concerts, literary competitions and famous guests will be some of the highlights of this festival dedicated to each age, in fact, the event has been brought forward to May to give way also to the children of the school to have a greater involvement in the creation of short film as a theme, in fact, shows the love for the city.

All the projections are free and open to the public, are also planned concerts in partnership with Axioms Ensemble music and music from the world and will be delivered 15 gold griffins.


04 - Jan - 2017

May – Calendimaggio – Assisi

Calendimaggio – Assisi


Calendimaggio is related to the customs of ancient people through the Roman custom feasts honoring Maia and Flora and the medieval tradition of Kalende May, where the merry young brigade welcome the return of spring with dances and love serenades .


All info can be found here:

04 - Jan - 2017

May – Festa dei Ceri – Gubbio

Festa dei Ceri – Gubbio


The event has secular traditions and takes place in Gubbio on May 15 each year, the eve of the patron saint Ubaldo. It is one of the most unusual popular religious events of Umbria, impregnated with a strong mystical emotion able to involve the entire audience who participated.



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