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Team Building in Wine: the game of the 5 glasses

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25 - Sep - 2016

For info and reservations: Paul Fiandrini | 075 5731100 |

The meeting participants will be accompanied by our Sommelier, who will help the participants ith directions, suggestions and curiosity. Let your senses be guided to the discovery of new tastes.
Game Rules:
5 enumerate glasses and 1 progress report will be placed next to the plate of each participant. 4 wines served in hidden and numbered bottle which belong to the same DOC but coming from different areas and different producers wines. The 5th wine, “Phantom”, always served in hidden and numbered bottle0s, belongs to a different DOC with one or more grapes varieties showing in the 4 previous wines.
Every person will give his personal appreciation of the tasted wines, giving them a score (from 1 to …) corresponding to the perceived pleasantness. The Game does not require any wine culture!
One or two winners!
The one who guesses the results is the winner, or at least makes the less number of mistakes. The winner is awarded with a bottle of the tasted wines!

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