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The Marmore Waterfall

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18 - Sep - 2019

Why to visit the Marmore Waterfall

Marmore Waterfall is well worth a trip. Since it was created, more than 2000 years, the Marmore Falls is one of the most painted, photographed, described and praised in the world by the many visitors who had the privilege of seeing it in their path. From Virgil to the pilgrims on the road to Rome, by the nobles and by European intellectuals on the Grand Tour to tourists of the new millennium all over the centuries they have entered the Marmore waterfall as unmissable destination of their trip to Italy. Anyone who has not already visited, sooner or later will not be able to resist the magic of this place.

The Marmore Waterfall is unique because his jump of 165 meters is the highest in Europe. It is unique because a real river, the Velino, pounces on another great river, the Nera. Most of the opening of the waterfall is an event and its expectation is the opportunity to immerse themselves in a park equipped. You know the surrounding area, the Nera Valley, rich in history, culture, nature and pleasant culinary surprises.

The water from the Velino for many hours a day feeding one of Italy’s most important hydroelectric plants producing clean energy. In some hours of the day and night the water is released, creating the spectacle of the waterfall.  The well-equipped “Waterfall Park”, is always accessible and can be crossed and visited, both with entry from below. Access is along the Valnerina. Both the entry from above, from the village of “Marmore”, which is on the edge of the plain of Rieti, not far from Lake Piediluco.

The spectacle of the Marmore Falls can be enjoyed from various vantage points and, when it opened, you have time to reach them all. From the balcony of lovers at the end of a short tunnel excavated in the rock, you can even touch the water of the first and most impressive jump. A true immersion (essential to adopt waterproof) in a unique emotion.

However, even when the waterfall is closed, pending it is opening, the discovery of the Park is an enchanting experience. The vegetation that has developed behind the jump is lush and rich in rare species. There are also caves, lakes and guided trails that make the visit interesting and enjoyable. The park offers plenty of attractions for both adults and children. Experiences that can be done individually. Alternatively, accompanied by specialized guides in thematic routes.

The Park of the Cascade also offers the unique opportunity to practice sports disciplines. A few examples: trekking, caving, rafting, climbing and downhill. Inside the park,  can be practiced all these extreme sports under the guidance of qualified instructors and guides.

All services of the Marmore Falls are operated by 165 marmore falls ( by trained personnel. The offer is highly articulated. From the basic organization of packages hiking to a complete tour. For the little ones, there is also a path with professional entertainers.

The ticket office is at “Piazzale Felice Fatati”, along the SS 209 Valnerina, in the lower lookout. Inside the building is the Info point where to ask about all the tourist offers of the area and be able to organize an entire holiday.

In the same building also has its ‘head office the “Dit” (Integrated Tourist District).  Do not miss the 6D Cinema.

Experience the thrill of rafting of the waterfall.  In an entirely secure environment but still giving the opportunity to feel the emotion of a real descent.

Both, from the viewpoint:  the upper and the lower can set off with the bike for mountain biking or trekking bikes on different paths.  Various levels are available depending on the preparation and physical form, both in Valnerina that the trails around Lake Piediluco. You can rent bikes of different types as needed, and be accompanied by certified cycling guides.

The Marmore waterfall is the ideal place for water sports like rafting, Hydrospeed, Canyoning, Canoeing and Kayaking. These disciplines can be practiced at all levels and at the Center Rafting Papigno you can find a wide range of proposals suitable for young people and adults.

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